Hi, Holly!

I have been thinking about writing you for too long.  Here is your update about Rosie:

We love her!  Her muzzle has gotten gray so we believe that she is a lot older than the 11 months on her papers.  Maybe 4 years old?  No worries, she’ll never go anywhere.  She and Belle, the dog we got from Dr. Dana are great friends.  It took a little bit of getting over their fears of not enough food and attention plus both had been mothers and well, two alpha females.  No stitches but 3 real fights between them even though it was far away from food and me.  All has been quiet between them for a good 6 months.  Rosie hasn’t gained any weight as you know extra weight isn’t going to help that front leg.  She skips with her left back leg but not enough to do anything about it.  Rosie, and Belle could take the cats out quickly but it isn’t uncommon to see them sleeping near each other.  Rosie has bonded with me and is tolerant of anyone that comes into the house.  I think she’d rather they not but understands if they warm up to her, she is won over quickly.  I thought two smaller dogs would be easier than an English Setter.  Wrong!!!  It is like having two linebackers.  They are active girls.  Solid muscle.  They get to be off leash once we get to a certain point on the island.  They chase the deer, swim in the creek, and enjoy the running on the straightaways after squirrels.  Rosie, never gets too far from me.  Belle will run a deer until she drops but she is understanding more and more she can’t catch them.  Talk about two girls that play together.  It gives me great joy in watching them play together.  Belle puts herself to bed at 7pm and Rosie wants on my lap or bed as long as she can.  We continue to use the crates for them at night but during the day we just block the stairs.  Rosie, thanks to Belle has overcome her fear of the Invisible Fence thanks to Belle.  She never trusted me with the correct boundaries of the fence.  I am very glad that she goes out to the bathroom on her own.  If they go in the crates at 7pm then they go out again around 11pm and out again at 8am.  They play hard and sleep hard.  Rosie’s coat and nails are in good shape and no issues at her annual Dr. Dana check-up.  She has learned to like apple pieces and broccoli plus she loves nutriutional yeast on her food.  Rosie comes to me when I call her.  I love her dearly and I am so grateful that you picked us for Rosie.  I know you have a lot of animals come through you foster home but she is one of the greatest.  Oh, she’ll get under the covers with me when Van isn’t in the bedroom.  He doesn’t interact with them much.  At 79, walking is becoming painful and they are a little low to the ground for him to easily pet.  I’ve caught him more than once laughing as they play.

My update on Rosie.  Another great dog from Save-A-Life.  I enjoy and love her and I think she is happy here.  Thank you!!!!!

My Best,


kittenGood morning,

Everything is going wonderful. We named the kitten Zalah, she is so sweet! Zalah gets along wonderfully with the entire family (great dane included)! She is such a cuddle bug-we love her.
She is currently recovering from her spay surgery (her surgery was on Thursday) and everything is looking good so far.
Thank you for allowing her to be apart of our family, she is a wonderful addition!

Amelia Walton


willie1willie2willie3Hi! I just wanted to give an update on my new baby! I adopted “Wee Willie Winky” (just Willie now)in July. He was rescued from a dirty backyard without a lot of love. Well you’d never know that now! 🙂 he is energetic (when he wants to be) loving and LAZY-and I have NEVER seen a dog actually watch TV- he pays attention like he knows what’s going on! (Cartoon Network)  loves getting under the covers in my bed and snores like a human!- so much better than outside all the time. Loves the sunshine and hates the neighbors cats haha. 🙂 I love him more and more everyday and he says thank you for giving him a second chance!
-Mandy Overstreet

Princess Leia

Indiana and LeiaJust wanted to send a picture of Princess Leia (she’s the shih tzu) doing well in her new home. We adopted her from Save a life as a puppy last September. She loves playing with her new friend Indiana (also a rescue from South Carolina). Thanks for all you do! She has been a true blessing to our family.

Rev. Melissa S. Traver
Rincon United Methodist Church

Eddie (Max)

salihappytailI just want to update you on my baby that I adopted in December of 2008. Max, previously Eddie “Boo Boo” is doing great. He’s in excellent health. I am absolutely in love with him. I believe a lady named Abigail fostered him. Here’s his picture. We spend part of our time in Ohio and come back to Savannah in January. He loves to travel!

Linda Smith

Bell (Shalom)

Magnificent ShepherdShalom & friendsHello from Whitemarsh Island.

Remember Shalom? Perhaps you remember her as Bell. She is a beautiful GSD who ran along I-95 back in 2008 after an accident left her an orphan. You were able to find her and we were the lucky ones who adopted her and renamed her Shalom. A few months after we got her, our son and his wife adopted a baby boy, and Shalom took it upon herself to raise him. He often napped with his head on her. Because of her, he is completely in love with dogs. I might add that she is crazy about all of our grandkids.

She is big and beautiful and is the queen of our home. We love this girl to the moon and back. Shalom is 9 now, and unfortunately, suffers from hip dysplasia. We keep her active and comfortable on appropriate drugs. The disability absolutely does not keep her down, though. She loves going for walks and insists on going upstairs with us at bedtime. She shares our home with two other rescued GSDs and they all get along famously. I’ve attached some pictures of our girl.

I’ve kept in touch with Megan McKay Yardley, daughter of the family who tragically died in the wreck. She is an accomplished young woman who finished her education and now is a special education teacher in the Effingham School system. Moreover, while pregnant with their first son, Megan and her husband adopted three of her cousins. Since then they have had another son as well. Isn’t she amazing? I am honored to call her my friend.

We’ll always be grateful to you for choosing us.

Judi Blake


cosmoHi Julie …..we often see your kittens in the paper & thought you might like to see how one of your graduates is doing! Cosmo has adjusted well….he & Sasha have been good for each other….he has really brought her out & she “mother’s” him! They play well together & both share our bed. He has also turned into a very handsome little man as you can see….he’s not quite as cuddly as he was & patting your lap no longer entices him to sit with you, but still a sweetheart & we wouldn’t anything got him!

Margaret & Don McCulloch


jasmineHi my name is Christine and 6 years ago I found a little dog on petfinder.  She was fostered through Save-a-llife.  Her name was Honey and she lasted about 1 week in your foster care program.  We changed her name to Jasmine and she has been with us for 6 years.  Jasmine was found by herself on the side of a road with 1 eye all scratched up.  The eye had ruptured and she has been blind in that eye ever since she was 3 to 4 months old.  She has never known she had a slight disability.  Anyway, we are almost at her 6 year forever home day and I thought you would like to know how special she is.  She is the mayor of my neighborhood and she greets everybody and every dog everyday on our walks.  She has the most amazing personality and most importantly she is happy and well taken care of.  She loves her walks on the beach and we take her on short hikes through the county parks.  She goes everywhere.  She is slowing down now as she gets older, her little legs tire a little faster, but it doesn’t stop her.  We will carry her when she needs it and we have a little wagon if we are going on very long walks.  Her favorite thing is to lay on the couch with us in the evenings but only if we lay a pillow down for Jas. I can put her up on the couch but until the pillow is put out for her she will not lay down.  She is queen bee here and she is very pampered.  She has a brother a Chihuahua mix named Willy and he cleans her eyes and ears every morning.  They are best friends and share everything.

Thank you for the work you do.  We would not have Jasmine if it weren’t for you.  She is my baby and life without her is unimaginable.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Christine Brown
Charleston, SC
(Willy is the Black dog, Jasmine is the little brown one)


lucylucy2One year ago I adopted your foster dog “Lucy”. I renamed her Lexi. It has been a wonderful year. I am so happy that I found this dog. She is a joy. She loves playing in water, going for walks, eating 🙂 , spending time with my cat, and just hanging out with me, I recently started fostering kittens for Charleston Animal Society until they are big enough to be adopted. Lexi loves the kittens. She likes to sit and watch them. (Just don’t leave her unattended around their food because she will eat it!) Just thought I would let you know that this was a very successful adoption. Lexi and I are very glad that we found each other.


imageimage2I adopted Molly (formerly known as Midnight Sun) and she is doing absolutely wonderful! She sleeps in bed with me, taking up more room than I do and she snores so loud! she follows me around to every room I go into. Shes still weary of strangers but as long as shes sitting on the couch or on the bed, she is willing to go up to anyone. Shes also starting to sneak into rooms when my friends come over, because she hates being alone but is too scared to get too close to us. Shes a swimmer!! She absolutely loves the pool and ive had to fish her out of our lake a few times, and she loves to get muddy! When it rains she barks at the door begging to get out and play in the mud, mischievous lil thing(: the vet says she just about full grown at 43.6 lbs, and healthy as can be. Shes a spoiled lil princess and she knows it, she loves going for rides in the car, but she just HAS to be in the front seat, shes kicked my best friend out of the seat plenty of times, and even climbed behind me (while buckled and driving), just so she could see out of my window! She definitely takes advantage of just how cute she is, especially at the ice cream parlor and petsmart. Shell strut her stuff and look innocent and sweet until she gets showered with treats and love 😉
Shes still got a long long way to go from the scared puppy I brought home but shes definitely getting there, day by day! And its so rewarding to see.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to love this crazy girl.

Thank you!