Hi, Holly!

I have been thinking about writing you for too long.  Here is your update about Rosie:

We love her!  Her muzzle has gotten gray so we believe that she is a lot older than the 11 months on her papers.  Maybe 4 years old?  No worries, she’ll never go anywhere.  She and Belle, the dog we got from Dr. Dana are great friends.  It took a little bit of getting over their fears of not enough food and attention plus both had been mothers and well, two alpha females.  No stitches but 3 real fights between them even though it was far away from food and me.  All has been quiet between them for a good 6 months.  Rosie hasn’t gained any weight as you know extra weight isn’t going to help that front leg.  She skips with her left back leg but not enough to do anything about it.  Rosie, and Belle could take the cats out quickly but it isn’t uncommon to see them sleeping near each other.  Rosie has bonded with me and is tolerant of anyone that comes into the house.  I think she’d rather they not but understands if they warm up to her, she is won over quickly.  I thought two smaller dogs would be easier than an English Setter.  Wrong!!!  It is like having two linebackers.  They are active girls.  Solid muscle.  They get to be off leash once we get to a certain point on the island.  They chase the deer, swim in the creek, and enjoy the running on the straightaways after squirrels.  Rosie, never gets too far from me.  Belle will run a deer until she drops but she is understanding more and more she can’t catch them.  Talk about two girls that play together.  It gives me great joy in watching them play together.  Belle puts herself to bed at 7pm and Rosie wants on my lap or bed as long as she can.  We continue to use the crates for them at night but during the day we just block the stairs.  Rosie, thanks to Belle has overcome her fear of the Invisible Fence thanks to Belle.  She never trusted me with the correct boundaries of the fence.  I am very glad that she goes out to the bathroom on her own.  If they go in the crates at 7pm then they go out again around 11pm and out again at 8am.  They play hard and sleep hard.  Rosie’s coat and nails are in good shape and no issues at her annual Dr. Dana check-up.  She has learned to like apple pieces and broccoli plus she loves nutriutional yeast on her food.  Rosie comes to me when I call her.  I love her dearly and I am so grateful that you picked us for Rosie.  I know you have a lot of animals come through you foster home but she is one of the greatest.  Oh, she’ll get under the covers with me when Van isn’t in the bedroom.  He doesn’t interact with them much.  At 79, walking is becoming painful and they are a little low to the ground for him to easily pet.  I’ve caught him more than once laughing as they play.

My update on Rosie.  Another great dog from Save-A-Life.  I enjoy and love her and I think she is happy here.  Thank you!!!!!

My Best,