imageimage2I adopted Molly (formerly known as Midnight Sun) and she is doing absolutely wonderful! She sleeps in bed with me, taking up more room than I do and she snores so loud! she follows me around to every room I go into. Shes still weary of strangers but as long as shes sitting on the couch or on the bed, she is willing to go up to anyone. Shes also starting to sneak into rooms when my friends come over, because she hates being alone but is too scared to get too close to us. Shes a swimmer!! She absolutely loves the pool and ive had to fish her out of our lake a few times, and she loves to get muddy! When it rains she barks at the door begging to get out and play in the mud, mischievous lil thing(: the vet says she just about full grown at 43.6 lbs, and healthy as can be. Shes a spoiled lil princess and she knows it, she loves going for rides in the car, but she just HAS to be in the front seat, shes kicked my best friend out of the seat plenty of times, and even climbed behind me (while buckled and driving), just so she could see out of my window! She definitely takes advantage of just how cute she is, especially at the ice cream parlor and petsmart. Shell strut her stuff and look innocent and sweet until she gets showered with treats and love 😉
Shes still got a long long way to go from the scared puppy I brought home but shes definitely getting there, day by day! And its so rewarding to see.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to love this crazy girl.

Thank you!