Bell (Shalom)

Magnificent ShepherdShalom & friendsHello from Whitemarsh Island.

Remember Shalom? Perhaps you remember her as Bell. She is a beautiful GSD who ran along I-95 back in 2008 after an accident left her an orphan. You were able to find her and we were the lucky ones who adopted her and renamed her Shalom. A few months after we got her, our son and his wife adopted a baby boy, and Shalom took it upon herself to raise him. He often napped with his head on her. Because of her, he is completely in love with dogs. I might add that she is crazy about all of our grandkids.

She is big and beautiful and is the queen of our home. We love this girl to the moon and back. Shalom is 9 now, and unfortunately, suffers from hip dysplasia. We keep her active and comfortable on appropriate drugs. The disability absolutely does not keep her down, though. She loves going for walks and insists on going upstairs with us at bedtime. She shares our home with two other rescued GSDs and they all get along famously. I’ve attached some pictures of our girl.

I’ve kept in touch with Megan McKay Yardley, daughter of the family who tragically died in the wreck. She is an accomplished young woman who finished her education and now is a special education teacher in the Effingham School system. Moreover, while pregnant with their first son, Megan and her husband adopted three of her cousins. Since then they have had another son as well. Isn’t she amazing? I am honored to call her my friend.

We’ll always be grateful to you for choosing us.

Judi Blake