zekeZeke has always been very friendly (just as he was when I got him from you as a puppy). He loves all people and all dogs, but he’s not too excited about cats. He likes to chase them, though. He’s 87 pounds now, and he goes to puppy daycare two or three times a week. He runs the house… a big yard to play in, and he sleeps in bed with me every night. Well, actually he lays at the food of the bed… not a snuggler. More times than not, he’ll wait until I’m almost asleep and then sleeps the rest of the night under the bed. He doesn’t usually stay in the crate, but he does have his favorite places to lay around.


We walk twice a day (once a day when he goes to daycare). He loves riding in the car, and he’s actually very good when riding. He does many tricks, and he’s graduated from two different obedience classes.


He’s the best dog ever!!!! Thanks for saving him when he was a puppy!