starkittenHere is a long overdue picture of ‘Star’.
She has settled into our family very nicely and is happy. Although she is now too cool to hang out with me, she is inching closer and closer to the dog every night in the dog bed.
Star’s ferocious stealth hunting skills keep us laughing. She is a huntress to be reckoned with and does not hesitate to attack her human family when we walk by. Additionally, she is honing her ambush skills by lying flat at the bottom of the stairs and lying in wait for the next unsuspecting victim (be it human, cat or dog.)
Speaking of stairs, Star does not let any obstacle impede her tours of the house. She is getting quite the little callous on her partial leg. Of course, this does have something to do with the fact that she is getting taller and beginning to look more like a cat and less like a kitten. We weighed her last week and she weighed in at a hefty 3.75 pounds. We will see Dr. Liller sometime in the next two weeks or so and at that point schedule her spay surgery.
We adore her, we love her, we would carry her everywhere if she would let us. But, alas, apparently we infringe on her roaming and conquering all threats both real and imagined.
Thank you again for letting her join our family. We love her tremendously! I will send another update and more pictures several weeks from now.
Take care,