Cora Belle

corabellI named her Cora Belle, I had the name picked out several years before I got her and she took to it the first day.

She is very happy and is playing and tossing her babies in the  air prancing around like a true Boston…She loves bed time when she snuggles up as close to me as she can get and is snoring in no time at all…but her gentle snores turn into a hefty snore any 200 pound truck driver would be proud of….which lets me know she is really relaxed and sleeping well.

She goes to the groomer once a month and gets the works…and she thinks it’s a play date because the groomers love  her and they let her  play on the  floor  with their own  personal dogs..the groomer actually owns Bostons so they treat her extra special.

She  gets so excited when I come home from  work…she runs around and around the living room and yelps and hops in the  air…she misses her mommy.

She is my little companion when I relax for the evening…always by my side.

I love her so very much and  it brings me joy to know that she loves me too.

Peace and Grace,