winstonI adopted my dog Winston (when we got him his name was Bobby) from PetSmart last September.  We have just reached the year mark so i thought i would write and tell you how much i have enjoyed him.  I am 23 years old and have never had a dog, so shortly after buying a house last August we bought Winston for me.  He came home with us and instantly adjusted to life with us.  He was already house trained and very affectionate.  My husband travels every week, so Winston is a wonderful companion for me.  I was about to buy a dog, but i decided to adopt one instead.  Our experience with Save-A-Life was such a positive experience and i love everyday i get to spend with Winston.  He travels with us everywhere and sleeps in the bed with us every night.   We often get asked what kind of dog he is and where did we get him.  We always happily say the wonderful people at Save-A-LIfe.  Thank you for all of your great work and for providing with  a dog better than i could have imagined.
Alison Wallace