Winnie and Jett

winniejetThe adoption went great!  It was so neat to have people come up to us and congratulate us on our adoption of the girls as we were walking through PetSmart with them.

They are both doing great!  We kept them in the bathroom in our bedroom for the first 24 hrs they were home with us.  I put their bed, food bowls and litter box in there with them.  Today after the children got off to school, I let them out to explore.  There has been some hissing and spitting between my other two cats and Winnie and Jet, but I have just been giving love and reassurance to all the girls and I know they will eventually work everything about between the four of them.  Jett seems to be a little more confident than Winnie right now, but they both doing well.  Winnie is quite the talker, but I think that is so sweet.  I have enjoyed watching them explore our home.  I am excited for the day that they feel truly at home here.

Thank you for allowing me to adopt them!