Abigail, Doright, and Patrick

AbigailDorightPatrickWe adopted Abigail in 2001 after our beloved Save-A-Life Beagle, Doright, and our beloved Save-A-Life Lab mix, Patrick went over the Rainbow Bridge.  We moved to Southwest Florida several years ago, and Abby has adapted well the the Florida lifestyle. We live on the water, which gives her many opportunities to make her presence known to boaters as the pass by the house. Actually, she will gladly offer her opinion to whomever is within earshot.  She also likes to lay by the pool, although she does not like to get in. This is strange, since she is half Cockapoo!  Like all dogs, she has here very set routines, which includes staring at me in the morning until I finally give up, and get out of bed for her morning walk.  I am attaching pictures of all three dogs so that all can see what fine friends we got from Save-A-Life.
Best Wishes and Thanks for the wonderful job you do!

Chris and Bob Dudley