GingerBack in 1994, I adopted a very sweet well trained poodle/terrier mix dog named Ginger.  She was about 14 months old when I adopted her from Save A Life. She was my Mom’s and my special baby and she knew she ruled the house.  My Mom died in April 1996.  I had retired so it was just Ginger and me.  Then on August 15 2003, Ginger got really sick so I took her to her doctor.  He said her pancreas had ruptured and she was in a lot of pain. He said I should put her down. I had to give her up.  I was devastated.  I waited eight months and told my family since my birthday was in April, I had decided to get me another dog.  I called Save a Life and Lark called me on April 9.  She told me she had someone looking for a home for a three year old Yorkie.  I went to Pet Smart on April 10, 2004 and there was Corky, 8 pounds of pure, beautiful love.  I adopted him and he is the sweetest thing and is my baby boy.  I am sorry his owner had to give him up but I am glad we found each other because of Save A Life.

Save A Life is a great, wonderful organization and everyone connected with them is so helpful, kind and compassionate.  They are all angels to people and animals.

Thank you all
Jeannine Barefield