I just wanted to give you guys an update on Fletcher, the Lab mix puppy I adopted last saturday. He is an angel. He chews everything, but is really well behaved otherwise. I love his companionship and hope his brother, Gage, gets adopted soon. I’ve wanted a Lab for 7 years and Fletcher is more than I had hoped for. Thanks so much, Katie.




boomerHi there….Just wanted to send you some pictures on Boomer who was previously named “Deuce”.  We just love this little boy and so does his big brother Willie.  We can’t thank you enough for rescuing him.  He has made a great addition to our home.


Kim and Kyle Joyce



DixieI just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Dixie is adjusting beautifully.  We did our first basic training class and she was wonderful.  She is slowly adjusting to the dog next door or should I say the dog next door is adjusting to her (Maggie thinks she is the protector of Morgan so there has been a little conflict of territory).  Dixie has had fun chasing the deer out of our yard and she cornered herself a 13.5 inch long (measured the shell only) snapping turtle a couple of days ago.  She follows me around all day and sometimes has trouble deciding whether or not she wants to be with me, Morgan or Cloudwalker and she ends up pacing from room to room.


PoodlesAfter losing our wonderful Toy Poodle ‘Candy’ (a rescue girl and my husband’s shadow) to cancer 8 years ago and our home now down to three Poodles (you can never have just one) we felt a hole in our hearts and a space in our bed.  After grieving for a period of time I decided to start looking, there were many Poodles for adoption but one little girl named Gigi all the way down in Savannah GA caught my eye.  She had special eyes that spoke to us, I called and they told me that someone had already inquired about Gigi and was ready to adopt her and that anyway we lived so far away in Massachusetts and they did not adopt that far away.  I think I cried and broke down on the phone, the lady said she was sorry, I left my number anyway as I felt the little girl should be with us.  A couple of days later we got the call, my husband flew straight down there and got her, she flew back first class with him holding her.  We paid $150 donation fee at that time several years ago, Gigi has since required Cruciate Ligament surgery in both back legs totalling over $3200.  It was the best $150 we ever spent!  She is the boss, loves my husband so so much and I come in a sloppy second.  She will be 12 years old this year and those eyes did not let me down, we knew she was meant for us.  Our Poodles are our family, they go everywhere with us including vacations, they have never been apart from us for even one night. 
Thank you Save-A-Life for taking the chance and adopting to us out of state, we have not let you down, she is truly loved and well cared for.  We have added to our Poodle family since, so Gigi has four other brothers and sisters, but they all know she is Daddies girl.
Thank you for trusting us. 
Sue, Gary and the Poodles in MA


tuckerWe have had Tucker for almost two years now, and he is doing great!!!  We adopted him from your organization after my wife saw his picture on the petfinder website.  We went to his foster mom’s home and it was love at first site.  He is one of the best dogs we have ever had.  We are so grateful to Save-a-life for bringing us together with our HANDSOME boy.  He warms our hearts and our bed!!  We could not imagine life with out him.  Thank you.
The Russell Family



DodgerWe wanted to give you an update on Monte (who weve renamed Dodger), the Boston terrier with juvenile cataracts we adopted from your organization.   We are happy to report he is doing wonderful in his new home. Hes a sweet, smart, funny, energetic little boy who loves to play with his older Boston brother, Cricket, and cuddle with mom and dad on the couch.  Thank you to your organization (as well as all the people who donated to his cataract surgery) for giving this little guy a chance. He’s a great dog and we couldn’t be more in love with him.

Thank you,  Bruin and Nicole Robinson


Charleston, SC




bliznsmokeyemailWhen we first brought Blizzard home we hoped that Smokey, our Sheltie would be okay with her. Well they get along GREAT! As you can see by the photo they sleep together. They do have their little skirmishes but its usually over the Frisbee(Smokey’s FAVORITE toy). Other than that they are becoming the best of friends. And Blizzard is also becoming my kids new best friend! Thank you for saving Blizzard and her siblings. She will have a long and happy life here with us!

The O’Dell Family

blizzpoolJust wanted to drop you a line and tell you that Blizzard is doing wonderfully! She was spayed May 6th. She graduated from Obedience school recently too. She has fit right into our family and stolen our hearts. Here is an updated photo for the Where are we now? page. She is enjoying her pool on a hot GA day!
Thanks again for such a wonderful little girl!
The O’Dell family


bradyBrady is doing great and he is adored by everyone.  He’s settled into a routine and is eating well. He follows me around all day while I’m doing stuff around the house and loves to ride in the car to pick up my boys from school. He also waits with me at the bus stop for my daughter. When I do have to leave him to run an errand, he stays in the house and sits by the door until I come back. 
He loves to come outside and watch the kids ride their bikes and he’s introduced himself to some of our neighbors and their dogs. He also loves to sit on the couch and just hang out with our family. When we go for walks outside he usually brings his squeaky skunk in his mouth. Both of my cats are used to him now and Brady just looks at them in amusement. At night Brady comes with me to tuck all the kids in—then he stays in my daughters’ room until she falls asleep. He ends up sleeping with my husband and me.
 We’re just so thankful that you saved such a great dog.

Winnie and Jett

winniejetThe adoption went great!  It was so neat to have people come up to us and congratulate us on our adoption of the girls as we were walking through PetSmart with them.

They are both doing great!  We kept them in the bathroom in our bedroom for the first 24 hrs they were home with us.  I put their bed, food bowls and litter box in there with them.  Today after the children got off to school, I let them out to explore.  There has been some hissing and spitting between my other two cats and Winnie and Jet, but I have just been giving love and reassurance to all the girls and I know they will eventually work everything about between the four of them.  Jett seems to be a little more confident than Winnie right now, but they both doing well.  Winnie is quite the talker, but I think that is so sweet.  I have enjoyed watching them explore our home.  I am excited for the day that they feel truly at home here.

Thank you for allowing me to adopt them!


cleoWhile at PetsMart three years ago, my daughter spotted an adorable Yorkie shopping with her owner.  Knowing I had always wanted a Yorkie, my daughter would have nothing more but for us to go ask if we could pet the dog.  Imagine my surprise that when we caught up with the woman, she was actually handing her dog, Cleo, over to Save-A-Life!  The dog owner asked the Save-A-Life representative to give the dog to us, but had already signed the papers so it wasn’t her decision.  Oddly enough, we had a hamster at the same time named Cleo and that was why we were in PetsMart.  We applied to adopt Cleo and were called within a week.  Cleo is the smartest, sweetest, and most spoiled dog we have ever known.  She goes with us everywhere.  We moved to Michigan over the summer and she loves the snow!  She loves to “chase” the squirrels and deer that are outside our fence.  Thank you Save-A-Life!
Mike, Karen, and Parker Sherbak
Kalamazoo, MI