niko-ollieI adopted Niko now Ollie in September from Save A Life. Doing this was the best decision I could have ever made in my life! Ollie is the best dog any one could have ever asked for I thank god for save a life picking this guy up so I was able to find and adopt him. Ollie is now happily living with me and my family bouncing back in forth from savannah to atlanta but he loves car rides so hes happy. He just loves his dog brother Gizmo and his kitty friends.

Thank you guys so much for helping me get to my baby!



I just wanted to update you on Max (then Rex) we adopted him a year and a half ago from Petsmart.  We hadn’t actually planned on adopting a cat, but just fell in love with him. I am allergic to cats, but somehow Max doesn’t bother my allergies- I call him my miracle hypoallergenic kitty. He is very sweet and loving and very playful, though he tends to be quite shy around strangers (and is not a huge fan of his canine sister).  He loves to be cuddled and will tilt his head for kisses on his forehead. He is such a wonderful addition to our family.  Thank you for saving him and giving us the chance to adopt this precious little man.
Charis & Chris


The Big Yawn After Playing with The Camera StrapLook At That FaceMy son and I adopted Pumpkin Face, who we now call Punkin’, about 2 months ago. We were walking around Petsmart, with no intention of adopting, (as we have 2 other kitties) and there he was. We just lost a cat to cancer in October, and this was his twin. We’ve had a heartfelt “hole” in our household since our loss and Punkin’ has certainly filled it. He is the biggest baby (all 17 lbs of him) and just plays nonstop. He sleeps with me every night and follows me everywhere I go. I just don’t know what we had done without him. 🙂  There is still a little hissing between he and my other 2 cats but they have recently all started sleeping on the bed together so it’s coming along nicely. (he just wants to play with them – they do all the hissing)
Thank you so much for our new family addition. My husband will be home next week on R&R from Iraq and he is so anxious to meet him.


Camping_Trip...Amicalola_Falls_016We just wanted to send you some pictures of Parker. We renamed him because it fit him better we thought!!! We love him so much and are so glad he is part of our family! He is well behaved, potty trained, and done with all of his shots for now, we are about to have him nuetered!! He loves other dogs and loves taking walks. Just a couple weeks ago we took him for a drive to MAryland and we also took him on a camping trip with us, he loves hiking!!!! Here are some pictures for you!!!
Alyssa and Lee!!!


starkittenHere is a long overdue picture of ‘Star’.
She has settled into our family very nicely and is happy. Although she is now too cool to hang out with me, she is inching closer and closer to the dog every night in the dog bed.
Star’s ferocious stealth hunting skills keep us laughing. She is a huntress to be reckoned with and does not hesitate to attack her human family when we walk by. Additionally, she is honing her ambush skills by lying flat at the bottom of the stairs and lying in wait for the next unsuspecting victim (be it human, cat or dog.)
Speaking of stairs, Star does not let any obstacle impede her tours of the house. She is getting quite the little callous on her partial leg. Of course, this does have something to do with the fact that she is getting taller and beginning to look more like a cat and less like a kitten. We weighed her last week and she weighed in at a hefty 3.75 pounds. We will see Dr. Liller sometime in the next two weeks or so and at that point schedule her spay surgery.
We adore her, we love her, we would carry her everywhere if she would let us. But, alas, apparently we infringe on her roaming and conquering all threats both real and imagined.
Thank you again for letting her join our family. We love her tremendously! I will send another update and more pictures several weeks from now.
Take care,



rose…I adopted Rose AKA Layla. Sorry that it has been so long but I wanted to let you know how she was doing.  She is getting so big and the vet thinks that she is a mix of a pit bull and lab.  She seems to finally have decided to potty trained and she is losing her baby teeth.  Her and my older dog get along so well, it’s so much fun to watch them wrestle.  I attached a couple of photos of her.  Thank you so much.


zekeZeke has always been very friendly (just as he was when I got him from you as a puppy). He loves all people and all dogs, but he’s not too excited about cats. He likes to chase them, though. He’s 87 pounds now, and he goes to puppy daycare two or three times a week. He runs the house… a big yard to play in, and he sleeps in bed with me every night. Well, actually he lays at the food of the bed… not a snuggler. More times than not, he’ll wait until I’m almost asleep and then sleeps the rest of the night under the bed. He doesn’t usually stay in the crate, but he does have his favorite places to lay around.


We walk twice a day (once a day when he goes to daycare). He loves riding in the car, and he’s actually very good when riding. He does many tricks, and he’s graduated from two different obedience classes.


He’s the best dog ever!!!! Thanks for saving him when he was a puppy!


clancy_in_the_basket_jpgI just want to share our story with you.  Many years ago we adopted a little dog from Save-a-Life. At that time, the pet adoption was being held in front of the Wal-Mart at Chatham Plaza, and I just happened to be passing by that Saturday.  I saw this adorable little Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle mix (?) and fell in love. However, I wasn’t sure that Hubby would feel the same way…so I went home without Clancy.  By the next day, I’d convinced the rest of the family that we just HAD to get this little dog. I called Ms. Friedman and we made arrangements to pick him up from her home at the Landings. That was November 18, 1990!  When we took Clancy to our Vet the next week, he estimated that Clancy was already at least a year old — maybe more — and that would make him 19 now!  Believe it or not, Clancy is still going strong!  We call him our little Energizer Bunny.  He just keeps going and going. He’s slowed down a little over years and no longer jumps from the floor up onto the couch or the chairs. (He has his own set of stairs.)  He still loves to ride in the car and eagerly goes with us.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we love this little dog and the joy he has brought into our lives all these years.  Here are some pictures of Clancy.

Arlene and Michael Cesaroni
Thunderbolt, Georgia


IrisIris is a little blind girl that was rescued from animal control.  Here she is now:


Thought I would send you some pictures of Iris.  She is doing great! Her personality is really blooming.  She’s trying her best to get a cat!