new home - woodynew home - woody 2Sorry it has taken me so long but you know what the say, “better late……”.
Woody is doing great!  It’s like we’ve had him since birth.
He and Rusty are like brothers, they “wrestle” around and wear each other out and then they sleep for  while, wake up, and start all over again!
We are really enjoying him and his funny antics!  He is such a “prancer”, he hops like a bunny rabbit and he can really make us giggle!
Joe takes them for a walk each day around our pond and they love it.
Thank you for giving us a great new member of our family!


Amy from PhoneAmy came to live with us on September 10, 1999. She’s still with us at the ripe old age of 13 and is living the good life in Wingate, NC (near Charlotte). She was diagnosed with leukemia 3 years ago, but we just found out this week that she’s in remission. Amy’s been a real blessing to us all of these years and we’re so glad she’s part of our family.


Allie 2Allie (formerly Shelby) just wanted to let you know that she is doing very well.  She is enjoying her new home.  She is not thrilled about her baby bother (8 months old now) that is trying to steal her title as the “baby” of the house.  She firmly believes that our older dog, Lola, is her mother.  They are constantly curled up together.  Allie actually prefers to lay on top of Lola as opposed to laying on the floor.  She is still as energetic as she was last summer.  I wish I had a fraction of her energy!  She has weaseled her way onto sitting on the couch at night with us while we are watching tv.  Our baby is very interested in playing with her, but she is only interested in eating his toys.  She will be in trouble when he starts crawling and walking!  I just wanted to thank you for giving us our little energetic brown dog.  You do such amazing work rescuing dogs!  I am sure it can be thankless at times, so Allie just wanted to tell you thank you!


blizzardI just thought I would write and update you on Blizzard. We moved to Ft Hood,Texas in 2009 and Blizzard has been doing wonderful. Could you please add this photo to her story? I hope that maybe when people read her story and see that it is possible to move with their pets that you may have less surrenders due to moves. Our animals are our family and they go everywhere with us now and always. 🙂




Idaho 1Hello,

We adopted Idaho from Save a Life Savannah in April, 1997, when my husband was stationed at Ft. Stewart and our son was 8.  Idaho was a terrier mix and looked a lot like Benji with an under bite.  We said good-bye to him on 5/9/11 after 14 wonderful years together.  We will be forever grateful to Save a Life for rescuing him.  He truly was one of the best of the best.  He was a happy guy who loved to snuggle.  Our son was 8 when we adopted Idaho and they were great friends.  When my mom was widowed, Idaho comforted her by having sleep overs at Grandma’s house.  He brought so much happiness to all of us and is sadly missed.

I’ve attached a couple of photos.  When he was young, he had more black on him and his beard and eyebrows were bushy. We wanted to let you know that Idaho had a wonderful life and we are very appreciative that you saved him.

Sandy and Lou Budroe
Mason, OH


SergioMy husband and I adopted Sergio a year ago in June from Save-a-life.  We had debated for a month about getting another cat but once I saw him I couldn’t resist.

When we got him home he adjusted so easily to our small dog and other two older cats it was obvious he was meant to be in our home.  He has grown into a loving and playful cat and we are so happy we adopted him.  Now he spends his days with his adopted rescue sister Nix dragging toys from the toy basket, relaxing and living the good life.  Thank you Save-a-life for rescuing such wonderful animals and making it possible for them to find happy homes!


Hi 🙂 I adopted my abbeybeautiful puppy abbey last july. She is the sunshine of my life and always puts a smile on my face. She loves to cuddle and give kisses and gets along perfect with my parents dog faith. Abbey is so well mannered and as docile as she is, she is very protective of me and my parents. She loves to play especially “race car puppy” where she goes crazy and runs around the house for a solid 5 minutes :). Abbey is the best thing that has every happened to me, i knew when i saw her that she was mine. I cant imagine why anyone would ever want to get rid of her. Her underbite smile brings smiles to everyone’s faces. She loves to visit our neighbors and find new “friends”. Thank you for giving me the best puppy anyone could ask for <3



fireflyHi Miss Bonnie,

Remember me? Firefly? My name is Franklin now. I am very happy in my new home. My mommy and daddy think I am so crazy but I am just a very playful active kitten. They love that I am soooooo sweet and snuggly.  I like to follow them everywhere they go. I love my big sister and just want to do everything she does. It took her awhile to get used to me but I think she likes me now. We wrestle and play chase a lot! I am getting sooooo big. Mommy says she wants me to quit growing so fast! Here are a few pictures to show you how big I’m getting. Thanks for taking such good care of me in my early days!


Cora Belle

corabellI named her Cora Belle, I had the name picked out several years before I got her and she took to it the first day.

She is very happy and is playing and tossing her babies in the  air prancing around like a true Boston…She loves bed time when she snuggles up as close to me as she can get and is snoring in no time at all…but her gentle snores turn into a hefty snore any 200 pound truck driver would be proud of….which lets me know she is really relaxed and sleeping well.

She goes to the groomer once a month and gets the works…and she thinks it’s a play date because the groomers love  her and they let her  play on the  floor  with their own  personal dogs..the groomer actually owns Bostons so they treat her extra special.

She  gets so excited when I come home from  work…she runs around and around the living room and yelps and hops in the  air…she misses her mommy.

She is my little companion when I relax for the evening…always by my side.

I love her so very much and  it brings me joy to know that she loves me too.

Peace and Grace,



Molly 001My husband I adopted Molly about a month ago and she is wonderful.  She loves to go on her walks.  She has made many friends in the neighborhood and sits at the front door every morning to see which one is going to walk by.  Her personality is showing more each day.  She had her first grooming a couple of weeks ago and did very well.  We start basic obedience classes in a couple of weeks at Petco.  We are so blessed to have found her on your website.

Dee and Richard